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World First Live & Deep Fake Comedy & Music Event!

‘Bull’ – The Icon Influencer

who launched a Galaxy of Stars

Bull’s Hit Artists is the world’s first ‘live & Deep Fake’ show where stars pay tribute to Brian Bull, the star who made them into ‘hit artists’. ‘Bull’ himself stars demonstrating his phenomenal global influence. Also starring not Freddie Mercury, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, Mrs Brown, Kate Bush, Cher, Sean Connery, John Lennon, Joe Cocker, Dolly Parton, Luciano Pavarotti, Mick Jagger, Meatloaf or a host of others. Rated ‘PG’. (The only thing blue is the sky.)

The Show

This show revels in tributes with a number of rich and famous confessing they owe it all to ‘Bull’, while Bull reveals even more. His musical influence on Australia’s Glibb Brothers, especially Barry, includes how Bull named them BG’s. Journey with Bull to Britain and hear from those Bull affectionately refers to as  John Beatle, Ozzie Airborne, even secret agent James Bond. There’s music from Unsatisfied Mick of the Stones, Joke Ocker, plus songs that made Rod sexy and sent him sailing.

The amazing Sandra proves there’s a Cher in there, brings you Kate from the bush and the mercurial Freddie, while Dolly welcomes you to country, y’all. Elf Expressly (say it out loud) calls in from the bayou and meet Meat moving like a bat outta hell! Without Bull Luciano would have lingered as a skinny unshaven barista and Bull performs the opera to prove it. Mrs Browne has flown in from Ireland, the Godfather calls from witness protection, there’s a confession by a high profiled former US president and more.

Now your appetite has been whetted, which is better than the bed, you will undoubtedly insist on procuring a ticket to witness how mere mortals became overnight sensations due to the hits bestowed by Bull. Thereupon earning the designation: Bull’s Hit Artists!

Who is ‘Bull’?

‘Bull’, (first name Brian) is revered the world over especially by the galaxy of stars who owe him their careers and celebrity status. Bull generated hits for so many and now at last, his ‘hit artists’ join in this live tribute to him; their unsung singing saviour, modest messiah of music and influencer of icons.

Bull himself stars in this one-man show with a cast of thousands.

Show Stars & Reviews

“Bull’s Hit Artists” is a new show, however the writer and performers are seasoned having internationally entertained numerous royal families, heads of state, corporations, private and public events. ‘Bragging rights’ are not ‘Bull’ but justified, as the following testimonials for past productions indicate.

Leading Players

Bull (masquerading as Chris Aisteoir) setting the trend for glossy promotional photographs to be at least 30 years old.

Sandra McRae. Contemporary image.

Rave reviews

Hilton Hotel Magazine

Lots of laughs

Financial Review

It was absolutely awesome, sensational & outstanding!!!!

Supply Chain

Pulled in plenty of applause

TV Week

Best show ever!!”  

Sharon Osborne  

Would definitely love to have you back & would recommend you to anyone looking to have an entertaining, professionally run show. Our patrons loved it!

J. Cullen, General Manager

You saved our a***!

International Agent Asian Royal Family and State Occasion

All were still raving about the evening and the performance days later

AFL Masters

Blew everyone away! Loved it. Perfect presentation & performance


Wonderful. Thank you.

Organiser British Royal Family Event